The Dune Prophecy teaser gives us an interesting glimpse into the world of Bene Gesserit!

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Dune Prophecy teaser

HBO Max reveals the teaser for the highly anticipated prequel series of the popular movie franchise, a few days after announcing its new cast members!

Dune Prophecy is inspired by the novel Sisterhood of Dune, written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson. The first season consists of six episodes that will tell us everything about how the Bene Gesserit came into being. The official description of the show tells us that the story is set ten thousand years before the ascension of Paul Atreides, it follows two Harkonnen sisters as they combat forces that threaten the future of humankind and establish the sect which will be known as Bene Gesserit and their increasing influence across the imperium.

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Earlier this week, Tabu was announced to be a part of the cast. Although we don’t see her in the teaser, we are rather intrigued to know what her character is going to be like and how pivotal it would be to the story. The teaser gives the world of Bene Gesserit a powerful feel and the women-led series has thriller, action, sex and politics. The star cast also includes Emily Watson, Olivia Williams, Travis Fimmel, Johdi May, Mark Strong, Sarah Sofie Boussnina, Josh Heuston, Chloe Lea and Jade Anouka. The premiere date for the series is still under wraps but it is expected to release sometime later this year. Alison Runner is the creator of the series and Anna Foster has directed multiple episodes of the show.

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