The Dunki trailer follows five friends determined to fulfil their dream of living abroad, no matter what it takes!

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Dunki trailer

With the Dunki trailer, SRK is ready to close this year with yet another exciting story that he has to offer and we simply cannot wait to watch it unfold!

The Dunki trailer begins with Hardy (Shah Rukh Khan) introducing himself and his story as he stands at the edge of a moving train. We instantly know that the film is set in 1995 in a village named Laltu. He introduces us to his friends aka a group of total misfits put together. This includes Sukhi (Vicky Kaushal), who really struggles with learning English, Mannu (Taapsee Pannu), who will always be first in line when anyone mocks Hardy for anything at all and which is why he considers her his ‘girl waali friend’. Boman Irani who has been a constant element in Rajkumar Hirani movies is now playing an English teacher in this one. We’ve previously seen him as a professor in Munna Bhai MBBS and 3 Idiots so we’re very well aware of how intimidating he is as a teacher, and we see Hardy and his gang being grilled by him for not knowing or grasping English well.

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But learning English matters so much to them because we also see Hardy and Sukhi constantly making efforts to move abroad. Unfortunately they cannot do that if they don’t know how to speak the language. We see them questioning the fact that if the British lived here for decades without knowing Hindi, why can’t we live there without knowing how to speak English? They're also seen using quite a few illegal routes, crossing the border and risking multiple perils. Hardy is even seen wielding a gun at an attacker. But right after that the scene cuts, we see the biggest revelation of it all - Hardy, 25 years later, as an old man wearing a striped t-shirt and participating in a race. We recently saw Shahrukh play an old man in Jawan and he received a lot of love for it. This only makes us look forward to the release!

Dunki feels like a Rajkumar Hirani version of English Vinglish while having his iconic elements like cheeky humor and teary jerky moments also intact. The film is said to be drawn from real-life experiences and is a saga of love and friendships. This will be Shah Rukh Khan’s third release this year after Pathan and Jawan, both of which were massively successful at the box office. It's produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and will be released on the big screens on December 21. 

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