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If you absolutely love travel and do so quite often then here are some travel gadgets you must have.

Thanks to Instagram, travelling is not a lifestyle anymore. It’s a NEED. Many people want to take breaks every once in a while, from their mundane jobs and explore new places around the globe. Stress has become a major concern today and travelling seems to be a popular antidote. Apart from stress, people choose leisure travelling to give their social media feeds a captivating upgrade. With travelling becoming more accessible to people all over, especially Indians, the concept of solo travelling is not taboo anymore. We're travel lovers ourselves and want to help you make the best of your holiday. So, here are some travel gadgets every Indian must carry when travelling.

You won’t believe but according to the UN World Tourism Organization, 2019 will hit the 50 million mark of Indians travelling abroad, up from 23 million in 2017. According to Business Insider, Indians spent a staggering 6.5 trillion rupees on domestic and international trips in 2018. Most of these travellers aren’t experienced and they probably wouldn’t know how simple travel gadgets like ‘travel adapter’ can make or spoil their mood.

Unlike Bollywood films, travelling is not fun all the time; it can be stressful too, but don’t you worry as we’ve listed down a list of travel gadgets every Indian must carry when travelling abroad.

  • Travel Adapter Wall Charger

    Did you know there are about 12 types of power sockets in common use around the world? Imagine not being able to charge your phone and other items. Also, travel adapters are expensive abroad and you wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned money on something that is available at a very cheap price in India.

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  • Power Bank

    Imagine you are lost in the streets of Rome and you start navigating your way back. Now imagine your phone’s battery died and people around you don’t understand English. Scary, no? It’s always a good idea to carry a portable power bank because travellers tend to use their phones and other gadgets more than they would normally do. This increases the chance of drained batteries. Besides, always carry an extra battery if you have any camera. A power bank is certainly one of the most important travel gadgets and should be on the top of your list.

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  • Electric Kettle

    Many Indians, travelling abroad, carry 'Theplas', 'Maggi' and ready-to-eat meals to save money. If you intend to stay in budget hotels, you would probably need a travel-sized kettle to cook ready-to-eat meals or instant noodles. Many hotels do have coffee machines in their rooms but they are usually small. Nowadays, people prefer homestays or AirBnB but it’s a myth that these places are cheap. Also, you might not always get a fully functional kitchen. So, it’s better to check all the facilities of your hotels/AirBnB beforehand and then you can decide whether or not the kettle's a necessary addition.

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  • Portable Speakers

    Travelling is not always fun and adventurous. Sometimes, it can be slow-paced and laid-back. This is when you need a portable speaker. Portable speakers are the best way to kill the boredom or set the mood. If you’re travelling to a remote place than speakers can be your best friends.

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  • Vacuum Storage Reusable Ziplock Space Saver Bags

    Are you someone who is an over-packer? Worry not, because travel vacuum might just come in handy. These vacuums allow you to store as many clothes and bulky items as you want as it removes all the unwanted space used by air. It basically maximizes your luggage space. These storage bags are usually water, mildew, insect and odour proof. You can also use this to store seasonal clothes after you’re back from your trip.

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  • Water Purifier Bottle

    Most of the travellers’ health problems are caused by contaminated water, which means the water purification system is a must when travelling in developing countries. These days, it’s easy to find a water purifier bottle that transforms almost any tap or clear water in just under a minute. These bottles are perfect for travellers and outdoor adventurers travelling to remote locations with harsh environments or destinations such as the Middle East, Asia, Africa and even in some parts of the USA. Also, water can be expensive in many places and with one bottle you can save a lot of money. Your plastic consumption will also drop considerably.

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  • Female Urination Device

    Female urination device allows women to stand and urinate with its unique design. This device can be pretty useful for outdoor travelling, public toilets, treks or just when toilets are unsanitary (which is quite common).

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  • Noise Cancellation Headphones

    We’ve all been in planes and buses with crying children, insanely loud conversations and noise in general. To escape from all of the above, you need a noise-cancellation headphone. These headphones help you to sleep and relax. The comfort of being in a noisy place and not hearing anything (or only your favourite track) is unmatchable.

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  • Garment Steamer

    Would you go out wearing creasy clothes? No, right? Do you have a choice to not wear wrinkly clothes when travelling abroad? The answer is YES!

    No, I am not asking you to carry a bulky iron but a portable mini steamer. These devices come with impressive steam times, which can handle dual voltage and are also lightweight and portable. There are hundreds of varieties available online and in markets. You can choose any, depending on your taste and preferences.

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  • Action Camera

    In today’s digital age, everyone is a filmmaker. An action camera like GoPro or Digi Osmo Action will enable you to capture your favourite moments underwater and everywhere else.There are places where you wouldn’t want to take a risk of shooting with your phones or professional cameras. I mean there is no legit way to attach a DSLR on your helmet or out of your car but with an action camera, it’s a matter of seconds. These captured moments will be your best and most treasured souvenir. Also, action cameras are much cheaper and lighter than your DSLRs.

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  • Power Strip

    Along with all the gadgets listed above, you also have many more electronic appliances that you will need to charge. Hotels/Hostels/Apartments usually have 2-3 plug-points and that is just not enough for all the electronics you have. With a power strip or extension board, you can charge multiple gadgets, all at once. Also, when you are travelling abroad you would probably carry only one adapter, which means you can only charge one gadget at a time, but with a power strip, you will be able to overcome that problem. You just need to attach the adapter to a power strip and problem solved. ?

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These are some travel gadgets every Indian must carry when travelling. You may not need all of them but a combination of some of these travel gadgets can really make your travelling experience smooth and easy. 

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