Social media never fails to make us happy even during difficult times. Take a look at this week’s trendy memes that managed to spark laughs.

At this point in time, people are out there all eased out for the year and everything new that it has to offer. Because everyone knows that nothing life life throws at you will be any worse than the time you wasted on your EX. Ergo, the worst is already behind you. So, as we go ahead in 2020, no knowing what more it has in store with us, our online saviours are making it easy for us. There have been some trendy memes that made us laugh through this week making us forget everything bad that is happening. And as always we’ve curated the best ones to make you laugh as well!

Check out these trendy memes of the week:

Exam cancellation

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Shivsenaaaaaaa music plays in bg

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Amitabh Bachchan memes

Twitter Fleets

Mat maan

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Mat maan ??

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Parle G memes

Playstation 5 memes

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