Triple Talaq Bill has Twitter divided with the supporters and opposers – as all battle over one of the most controversial law.

In important happenings of the day, Triple Talaq Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha today by Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. In his brief, Prasad expressed, “We must understand pain of Muslim women. Today morning I read news that a woman in Rampur was given talaq by her husband just because she woke up late.”

According to the numbers presented by him, over 100 case of Triple Talaq have come into light after Supreme Court Verdict.

The bill however has the house of parliament divided. While a few have been supporting the bill seamlessly, there are many who feel that the bill “violates fundamental rights and lacks legal coherence.”

All said and done, #TripleTalaqBill has been trending on Twitter from the morning of December 28th and has the twitterati engaged in one of the most ferocious arguments ever.

Here is a Twitter timeline of the all the proceedings around the Triple Talaq Bill with all sides of the story.

For the bill

Against the Bill

The bill aims to advocate gender justice, protection, and respect – which is genuinely needed in India. But, the con? Apparently people will use it as a way to claim false cases for revenge and who will look after the family, if the husband is in jail for triple talaq. YES, Salman Khurshid said that!

Additionally, the bill stands to some evident loopholes that don’t serve the purpose of helping Muslim women. 

What is your opinion?

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