Trishita Recs has a melodious voice and her talent shines through in her five-track Original debut album!

Madhya Pradesh-bred vocalist, Trishita Recs took to the arts and music early on. She began performing on stage at the age of 5 which later led her to training in Hindustani Classical music. By 2014, she started paying heed to the growing independent music scene in the country. Trishita Recs’ story can be heard on her debut original album, Khoyi Rahun.

Trishita has just launched her debut original album now. However, she’s been entrancing her Subscribers and fans with her voice through Covers and other musical treats for a while. All of which makes her YouTube channel a must-visit for music lovers.

Check out the Album here:

Here are some other popular music videos of Trishita Recs:

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