Veere Di Wedding film has been the talk of the town ever since the promo has been released.

The Buzz around the movie gained momentum with a series of events including the cast stepping up to join the #JusticeForAsifa protest and Sonam Kapoor‘s wedding which turned into an #EverydayPhenomenal affair.

The film has got off to a great start with sizeable collections on the Box Office, despite the controversy which has divided the nation into two halves based on the ideologies.

Die Hard Fans and Feminism advocates are appreciating the cast and producers for bringing out an alternate perspective with a bold treatment.

On the contrary, there is a good bunch of hardliners who opine that this is stretched too far and these actresses should be banned. A deliberate attempt to incite religious and political rage against the movie.

Recently, some random Twitter accounts also tried to troll Swara Bhaskar for a scene from the movie. They even spelled “Masturbation” incorrectly. Guess they are too sanskari to spell it the right way.


Well, she has a point.

Game of Thrones Grand Ma?


Well Well

Guess he missed checking that

While we are not sure how the movie will fare on the Box Office but looks like Indian Twitteratis will have a field day looking at these conversations over the weekend

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