So Trump and Duterte, Presidents of the United States of America and the Philippines met each other at a strange political luau, and the proceedings are weird, pictures even more awkward.

Let me provide you with a bit more context. Trump and Duterte were attending a gala for political leaders from Asia, held in Manila, the Philippines’ capital. Duterte crooned a love song for Trump, and later, all attending leaders came together for the most uncomfortable group handshake ever.

As you can trust, somehow all pictures involving Donald Trump are strange, but this particular one stands out. You can see why.

Trump and Duterte

So, Trump, the tremendous man with the best words and the greatest plans and the one who has access to nuclear launch codes, visited Manila, and met with President/hitman Duterte who has now gained infamy for his bloody war on drugs against his own citizens. You would think a meeting between these two would turn out to be grim, but nope. Check this out.

I doubt the existence of a comfortable group handshake altogether but well, I’m not going to get into that one right now.

Of course the unforgiving batch of Twitter users with tonnes of leisure and creativity just ripped them apart with some of the most ridiculous memes and comments.

Check  them out.

Trump and Duterte Trump and Duterte Trump and Duterte Trump and Duterte Trump and Duterte

I don’t even require any context for this one. This image itself would have made me lose my s#!t.

Trump and Duterte Trump and Duterte

Tremendous hands. Great big hands. We will do everything bigly. Yes Donald Trump has used the word ‘bigly’ on stage. During a Presidential debate. He said the word ‘bigly’. Yes.Trump and Duterte

Understandable. Trump and Duterte Trump and Duterte Trump and Duterte

Did he actually wear overalls and a straw hat? And look below for the most bigly horrific Presidential expression everly. Trump and Duterte

Tbh you can put the Brazzers logo anywhere and it would be hilarious. Trump and Duterte

Twitter, you win, again.