Try out these new Diwali games and fun activities inspired by films and TV shows

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From charades to cards, if you're bored of playing the same old thing and want some new Diwali games and fun activities this year, this list is apt for you!

Diwali is the perfect time for get-togethers and enjoying each other's company. And this is enjoyed even more when some games and fun activities are played with the group. But this time, Diwali is so much more special since we're able to step out after so long. So if you're planning to have friends, cousins, or extended family over or are going to their place to celebrate and need new ideas for some fun and interesting games and activities, then this list is perfect for you!

We've all played cards, board games, charades, or antakshari to double the fun during festivals. And don't get us wrong, we're not saying that these games aren't fun or interesting anymore like who doesn't want to play Poker and win some cash during Diwali? But playing the same games can get a tad boring, hence it's time to break out of the monotony and try these new games and fun activities inspired by popular films and TV shows that you could try out this Diwali!

Check them out!

Heist- Brooklyn 99

In Brooklyn 99, they play the Halloween Heist so how about planning one with your friends and cousins? A Diwali Heist keeping probably a whole box of sweets as the prize!


Spin the Bottle - Kapoor and Sons

The best part about this game is it can be converted into any other like you don't necessarily have to kiss people you can turn into a game of Truth and Dare and let all those secrets and crazy dares come out!


Never Have I Ever - Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Well, this game never gets old and it's always fun to listen to what people have to share!

Karaoke Night - K-Dramas

While antakshri might be fun but how about we add a little of K- Drama to it by turning it into a Karaoke Night? And if you have musician friends then toh sone pe suhaga, it could turn into a really melodious celebration.

Karaoke Drunk GIFs | Tenor

Treasure Hunt - Kyon Ho Gaya Na

Divide yourselves among two teams and have a supervising judge who will also put in an effort of hiding small little things around and whichever team first finds all and completes the task first is the winner!

True American Drinking Game - New Girl

How about we turn the True American drinking game into a True Indian drinking game this Diwali? New Girl fans, where you at?

30 of the Best New Girl Quotes | | New girl quotes, New  girl, Funny news

Ludo - Ludo

Well, some cliches are best with the family! But how about just like the film, you raise the bar a little, and no, we don't mean play with life just add in some cash to be won!

The Game of Ludo

Passing the Parcel - Hum Aapke Hai Koun

This game may be old but is perfect when you have your extended family with you and want to do something interesting together!

Paintball Assassin - Community

Care to add a little Holi this Diwali with playing a round of Paintball Assassin?

Top 30 Community Paintball GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat


Well, FRIENDS is a series that is quite popular and at any Diwali celebration a quiz on the show amongst friends can make it really interesting or a quiz inspired by the show about your own friends can also make you understand how much you truly know each other. And yes, of course just like the show, you have to raise the stakes!

Supernatural Diaries — The One With The Two Parts Part One: Part Three...

Which of these will you be trying this Diwali? Tell us in the comments below!

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