Tryst with Destiny is a beautiful, chilling, and realistic art piece

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Tryst with Destiny

Anthology series, Tryst with Destiny on SonyLIV will make you realize the differences that still exist and how they function in society in a beautifully cinematic way.

Anthology series is a format that tells many stories under a single belt and it also brings different creative minds together as each story is helmed by different people. But to call Tryst with Destiny on SonyLIV just an anthology would be subverting its artistic ingenious. This series is divided into four different stories of a human's struggle with their pre-defined destiny and showcases how color, class, caste, and greed still decide people's fate in our society. Also, all the episodes are helmed by the same people; they're written and directed by Prashant Nair, cinematography by Avinash Arun, and edited by Xavier Box. Tryst with Destiny was showcased in the Tribecca Film Festival and won the best screenplay award.

In this series, the four films follow a certain difference prevailing in the society, and all of them connect on the same point of a human's struggle with their pre-defined destiny. The four shots connect to each other either by a small cameo or voice being heard on the radio. The first film, Fair And Fine, is about an obsession with color and follows Mudiraj (Ashish Vidyarthi), a Telugu train station tea-seller turned businessman whose money isn't still enough that could to shake off his dark skin color. The second film, The River is about division by caste and follows a Dalit couple (Vineet Kumar Singh, Kani Kusruti) who live alone on the outskirts of a village, trying to live with dignity even if they're of a lower caste. The third film, BHK is driven by greed and follows a traffic police officer (Jaideep Ahlawat) who crosses every limit of the class he's put under because of his profession as he needs money for a deposit on a house with his lover (Palomi Ghosh). The fourth and the final film, A Beast Within is blinded by revenge and follows a juggle between urban and rural, as a government officer (Gitanjali Thapa), and a village ruffian (Amit Sial) are in a standoff to take custody over a man-eating tiger caged in a wooden crate.

All four films take us on a journey on how differences like urban-rural, rich-poor, upper-lower caste and fair-dark skin still play a massive role in our society. And each story shows a narrative of how the characters are making an effort of trying to change their destiny that is pre-defined by these differences. The series is also largely connected with Nehru's speech on independence as it opens with that and ends with a small child reciting it on the radio. The series with the most beautiful shots is a chillingly realistic take and stays with you much longer after watching it. With a talented cast, each story is a struggle towards changing the course of their pre-defined destiny by these outdated yet present beliefs.

The show is also filled with metaphors that are sometimes hard to follow and the Nehru's speech seems like an unnecessary though unhampered addition. This series could probably have been released as a feature film divided into four stories rather than an anthology series because this feels like the four episodes are saying a lot of things instead of four different stories saying one thing. Though the charm of the so-called anthology series lies in its cinematography and the super-talented cast. The way each frame is framed and captured and also the performance of these actors is so beautiful that it leaves a longer impact. Maybe that's why even though nothing gets resolved and many destinies aren't even changed, Tryst with Destiny stays with you.

But that's enough from us, here's what the janta is saying about this anthology series, Tryst with Destiny!

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