Check out this list of tutorial videos by Aakriti Rana that will help you ace your Instagram game like a Digital influencer.

One thing that makes our creators unique from the rest of us is the content they post online. They make sure to represent themselves in their work and thus entertain us. There are Creators who know their audience and try and help them out with by sharing their tips on acing the online game. And Aakriti Rana is one of them.

Aakriti is a creator who puts her vibrant personality into her content creation. From congenial posts with some exceptional editing skills, she has been able to reach out to her followers. Her style and identity go hand in hand with her unique posts. They are so eccentric that people end up wondering how she does it. Her Instagram is a delight to scroll through and we all love the way she does it.

She has over time posted tips and tricks on how she edits her posts and they are everything we need. These videos are the perfect guideline that every Instagram noob needs and we made a list of them.

Check out these videos:

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