Things that have the power to take you back in time, transform you into the little kid sitting in front of the TV with fascination in our eyes and the world on the screen before us. Let us evoke that the spirit of nostalgia with some of the most catchy and brilliant TVCs from yesteryears that would have been viral today!

From the adorably greedy for jalebi Dhara kid, to watching different worlds collide when Shah Rukh Khan impersonated Sachin Tendulkar for Pepsi, these were TVCs from yesteryears that captivated the imagination of every 90s child and have the power to make you stop and hum along.

Bring back your 90s kid with these beautiful TVCs from the yesteryears will delight you and make you wish such stories were told today.

1. Pepsi – Dil Mange More

2. Asian Paints

3. Fevi Qwik

4. Center Shock

5. Vicco Turmeric

6. Coca Cola – Thanda Matlab Coca Cola

7.  Bajaj – Hamara Bajaj

8. Amul – Amul Doodh

9. NECC – Roz Khao Ande

10. Dhara – Jalebi

11. Rasna – I Love You Rasna

12. Nirma

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