30 Tweets That Can Make You Lose Your Job

Vedant Borkar
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30 Tweets That Can Make You Lose Your Job

We all like to express our emotions on Twitter, but for a working professional it is essential to maintain a certain code of conduct online, since most of his/her colleagues including his/her boss are on the web. Social Media has witnessed many such incidents where employees’ rage about their job, boss and company on Twitter has backfired with unfavorable results including the loss of their jobs.

We bring to you 30 such Tweets which can get you laid off from the job you hate so much:

  • My office (ABC) pays their employees lesser than what Nike pay in their sweatshops.
  • My boss is an evil brother of Lord Darth Vader.
  • The working environment in my office is like the one they had during the building of the pyramids.
  • My boss just pitched an idea to a client which is 'inspired' from other campaigns.
  • Our client has no idea that half of the 'Likes' on his/her Facebook page are paid ones.
  • Going to work everyday in my company is like watching Sajid Khan's movies back to back.
  • My company is like Gotham city under Bane's siege.
  • My company has seen more political drama than UPA and NDA put together.
  • My Account Director is a failed copywriter in disguise.
  • Enjoying my 'Sick Leave'.
  • I can understand how it feels to be Cristiano Ronaldo, when you are the only person in the team who performs. #OfficePain
  • It’s fun to take leave on medical grounds and have a mini vacation.
  • The combined IQ of my colleagues is less than UPA's seat in the Lok Sabha.
  • My company sucks!!!
  • If ever someone decides to write an autobiography on my boss it will be called 'The Accidental Boss'.
  • Team Work is a never-heard-before word in my office, no wonder the output sucks!
  • My boss has no clue as to how I waste my time on Twitter in office.
  • My company is worse than Al-qaeda.
  • The products manufactured by my company are one of the most horrendous things on earth.
  • How I wish Luis Suarez was my colleague and my boss was standing right in front of him, #BossStatus
  • My boss failed the auditions for the role of Lord Voldermort, they wanted someone who was less evil.
  • My company is the most evil thing that has ever happened to mankind.
  • My boss is worse than Mondays.
  • My company is a market leader when it comes to fooling customers.
  • It is funny when my company plays April Fools' Day with our clients almost every single day.
  • The only person who is dumber than my boss is our client.
  • If my boss can be VP of our company, Sachin Tendulkar can be the lead singer of a metal band.
  • My company is what happens when Darth Vader and Gabbar Singh enter a joint venture.
  • It’s fun applying for other jobs while keeping your current one intact.
  • I Quit #Boss
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