It is not just a means of transportation, it is a lifeline. The spine of the living organism that is Mumbai, the local train. The hustle and the bustle, it is what gives this beautiful city its unique identity.

So difficult to put into words what we feel about this magnanimous city which has not already been said. The local train takes from us our time, strength and a lot of athleticism, but gives us priceless memories.

AND TWEETS! Check out these tweets from the average Mumbaikar that perfectly summarise the labour, the heartbreak, the joy and the slight (grave) discomfort of the local train! Also, mostly cry since you have to catch a train the next morning.

Yes, Ranveer! Same.

*adds to resume*

Everyone plays crowded concerts, can they play inside a crowded train?

C’mon, you know you have been through this…

And this too..

I bet my money on chutta being much more easily available

Never lose hope, but you may lose a shoe or your earphones..


Bhai saab, andar jagah hai thoda dhakka maro!

*painful flashbacks from college times*

You wanna start a fight?

Decompress compartment after Dahisar

If I leave from office now, I will take approximately x minutes to get to the station and take the y train *sprints*

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