Times of India published a really stupid and derogatory ad featuring Priyanka Chopra and Twitter is pissed, for once, about the right thing.

Priyanka Chopra, our very own PeeCee has been constantly at the centre of the media’s attention. The  paparazzi is always on her tail especially since she is linked with Nick Jonas.  Along with being the media’s favourite, she has garnered quite a lot of space on the social spectrum too. Recently, the actress was brutally attacked by the twitterati over the ‘Rudraaksh’ scene from Quantico. However, this time the story is different as thousands rose in support of her when Times NOW took a dig at her in the guise of talking about an advertisement on Women Empowerment.

Times NOW released a new campaign focused on Women Empowerment. As part of the campaign, a print ad was released with the subject as Priyanka Chopra. The ad however, was in bad taste and did not play well. And received backlash on Twitter.

Here is the original print ad. It attracted a lot of negative acclaim. The twitter users went all out to scale an attack on the news channel.

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Well, feminism is surely an emotive element in the erstwhile world! It is just the matter of wits…