Want to know if you are a Twitter celeb or not? Find out here. Read the 15 points below and if you score 10/15, then you are one.

1] There is a thread about you on Secret.

2] At least one brand or agency has reached out to you to tweet about them in exchange for monetary benefits.

3] You have more than 3000 followers on Twitter.

4] You have at least one photo with a Bollywood or television actor.

5] You are friends with at least one actual celeb on Twitter. They follow you and interact with you on a regular basis.

6] You are often invited to Tweetups.

7] You are asked to RT tweets of social causes, or people looking out for something.

8] You don’t respond to all mentions

9] You crib about getting all the mentions.

10] You  have dated at least one fellow Twitter celeb.

11] People assume that you are dating half of the Twitter world.

12] Even if you don’t tweet you have ten mentions in a day.

13] “Plz RT” tweets of yours get atleast 10 RT’s.

14] People ask for your opinion on random topics, at least once a week.

15] You have been added to at least one list of “Top Somethings to Follow”.

So, what’s your score? Share your score in the comments below.