International Coffee Day is a revelry to celebrate coffee as a beverage and to raise awareness about the plight of coffee growers. Cybernauts celebrate #InternationalCoffeeDay through enthusiatic and funny tweets.

There are many legends surrounding the origins of coffee. The most famous one, is it being discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi. He noticed his goats jumping/dancing around with excitement upon eating a small shrub, while herding them. Curious Kaldi tried them and felt the same effects and enlightened his wife about it.

She apprised him to share these “heaven-sent” berries with the monks. But the monks called it “the Devil’s work” and threw them in fire, but the smell of theses berries roasting was enough to lure them monks. Not much later, the monks used it for staying awake during their spiritual practices and holy devotions.

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Next time you want to thank someone for aiding you with a cup of coffee while you are at work hung-over, half-asleep with a headache, thank the goats acting crazy.

International Coffee Day was first launched in Milan. Many businesses on this day offer discounts or even free cups of coffee and bless their loyal followers with special deals and coupons via social networking.

Twitter users have shared their thoughts and experiences and thanked these “heaven-sent” berries through comical depictions (Kaldi’s wife really was, ahead of her time).

That was worth some laughs. And genuinely, what would have we done without coffee!

While it’s important to involve humour in life but so is taking care of the environment


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