What To Do With 10 Best Twitter Applications for Android Users

Vedant Borkar
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What To Do With 10 Best Twitter Applications for Android Users

If you are an Andriod user there are multiple apps which will cater to your craving for Twitter. Off late, Twitter has seen a lot of buzz in terms of third party Twitter apps. While some offer a complete customized user interface option, others help in increasing productivity and ease of use.

Here are some of the best Twitter clients which can come in handy.

Talon for Twitter

Based on the design guidelines set out by Google, Talon for Twitter gives a premiere feeling of User interface and it does come up with interesting UI for tablets with multiple customizations options.


A simpler app, it is free to download for users. It does offer customization to a certain degree. Developers keep updating Tweedle as per users feedback.


With its card based user interface it is an easy to use application for your basic needs on Twitter. It establishes itself as an ad free app.

Tweet Lanes

This app allows you to interact with multiple tweets at a time. It also laid out an easier way to report spam.


This app allows the highest rate of customization from choosing colour code of your tabs to previewing content on your timeline. You can customize it according to your needs. Apart from customization this app has a variety of features such as Autocomplete Hash-tags and Username.

Falcon Pro

Falcon Pro is one of the most famous Twitter client on Andriod. It follows a minimalistic design mantra. Its user interface is divided into 3 main panels which suffice the user need. It has also recently come up with integrated Youtube API.


This app is so popular, that it hardly is a surprise that it ran out of tokens for new users (You can manage to get one if you keep checking). Its design is sublime and will catch your attention the minute you start using this application. Presentation of the interface makes its easy to surf between content.


This app comes up with enormous options of customising the user interface which includes background display of the page and colour of the fonts. With its streaming service, one can keep a live track of events and live feeds.


Tweetcaster gives the user full control over their Twitter profile. Its gives users filter options such as only to see photos, videos etc. It allows users to filter photos before uploading it on their Twitter profile.


Last but not the least, the official Twitter app itself, caters to all the basic needs of a Twitter user and is recommended for newbies on Twitter.

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