10 Rules You Must Follow to Find a Date on Twitter

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10 Rules You Must Follow to Find a Date on Twitter
Before I begin, let me tell you that these rules are not just for men. Being a man, I might have written it with a slight bias towards men but I will try to keep it as balanced as possible. Also, I am no love-god on Twitter. I am just a regular bloke who got lucky; I had no intention of using Twitter for dating at all, it just happened. So yes, don't think of this as some 'dating guru' article. Ignore all the suggestions if you feel like.
Now that we are done with the disclaimers, let me share some simple things what worked for me:

Be yourself

Try not to portray yourself as the coolest person around. Be what you are and stay that way. You will never do a good job at faking a different personality.

It's okay to stalk

Now don't go around stalking that person's nickname in 3rd grade. Stalk him/her just enough to see if he/she is already not committed to someone else. You wouldn't want to waste your energy trying to score a date when you don't have any chance. Neither do you want to get fooled by a married person who's just on the lookout for some fun (read, cheating), unless you don't mind it ;)

Converse a lot

You can't expect to find a date if you converse with the person once in a while. You need to be in the radar all the time. Don't go away on a Twitter holiday for weeks and expect the person to have the same wavelength of communication.

Don't converse a lot

However, don't reply to all their tweets. That is taking things a bit too far. Responding to every single tweet by either replies, favorites or RT's will not win you any favors. Give them their space.

Be Flirty. Be classy.

Being flirty helps. You make your intentions clear right from the beginning and avoids friend-zoning. But be classy too. Just keep it playful and fun. Not need to get dirty.

Do NOT add on Facebook yet

I've always made sure that I don't add my Twitter connections on Facebook. At least not till I've met them once or twice. It just doesn't make any sense. Facebook is like a well guarded fortress for many, and I would hate to intrude there unless I know that person well.

Take the conversation to DM's

If you are following each other, it's better to take the conversation to DM's. Conversations on the timeline are always awkward as you both know your mutual followers are reading it. DM's are much more comfortable.

Better yet, take it to Whatsapp

Nothing's better than Whatsapp. Period.

Get the number

This is the most tricky part. If you're lucky, the person you're interested in asks for your number himself/herself. But it's rare. There is no best time to ask for the number though. It just comes up in the situation. But if you see that your flirting is being reciprocated, you can bluntly ask the conversation to be taken over phone as "Twitter is too tedious" ;)

Okay, I am sorry I haven't given a clear way to get the number; but there is actually no formula to this. You just need to pay attention to the conversation.

Make the move

Again, you will have to pay attention to the conversation. You can't just wake up one day and decide to ask that person out on a date. A random meeting or a casual catch up can spring up any time. So don't fuss on this. But yes, you have to make the move somehow.
I want to make it clear that these might not work for everyone. It worked for me several times but then, may be, your case is different. Also, don't approach Twitter just with the mindset of scoring a date. There are many ways one can use it and dating just happens to be one.
Editor's Note: This article has been written by an author who doesn't want to reveal his identity. If you want to share any anonymous stories with us, please feel to contribute.
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