Who said what: Twitter divided over National Anthem debate!

Mohammad Kanchwala
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National Anthem

There it is once again, to stand or not to stand? To reason and judge accordingly or to draw futile comparisons to the soldiers at the borders? The Supreme Court’s recent judgement about the National Anthem has sent Twitter into a tizzy!

While there are some who argue that the cinema hall is perhaps not the best choice to play the National Anthem at, some hardliners and nationalists are adamant that the National Anthem, played no matter when and where, should be treated with respect, i.e. standing up.

While it is difficult to take sides on trivial issues such as nationalism, food choices, inter caste marriage and dating, bursting crackers and many more, Twitter hardly ever stays mum about these topics. Check out who said what about the National Anthem row.

Here are the Twitter users who feel that standing up for the National Anthem, no matter where it is played, should be mandatory.

1. Madhur Bhandarkar

2. Sadhguru

3. Patriotic Twitter user

National Anthem

4. Javed AkhtarNational Anthem

5. Freshly patriotic Adnan Sami 

National Anthem

and then there were people who believe in respecting the National Anthem, but question why standing up for it should be forced, or why is it being played in the cinema halls? 

1. Mr. Pie

National Anthem

2. Silly point makes a fair point.National Anthem

3. Perfectly summarized. National Anthem

4. Perfectly summarized - The sequel.National Anthem

And the usual jesters who find a meme in a haystack!

1. Wait it gets better.

National Anthem

2. Thank God for Jio right?

National Anthem

3. Play National Anthem at a crematorium, or graveyard. Create zombie apocalypse.

National Anthem

4. Same.National Anthem

5. I'm not even going to...National Anthem6. It got better.


7. Winner.National Anthem

The jury's still out on whether you should stand up, or not standup, but in the meantime, you can laugh at this silly controversy.

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