7 Twitter Handles That Will Teach You A Thing Or Two On Higher Existence

Somesh Chandran
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7 Twitter Handles That Will Teach You A Thing Or Two On Higher Existence

1. @Go_D33P3R

Followers – 33.4K 

Why you should follow - He /She goes by the name of dude. If you need an insight into this planet from a person that swears by meditation and good vibes, you definitely have to check out this handle. A lot of times, you’ll be reminded to just focus on the fundamentals of human existence - BREATHING!



Followers - 2K 

Why you should follow -Tao, Buddha, Mahabharata influence this relatively unknown twitter handle. If you’re that person that marvels at stumbling upon one of those rare, captivating images that speak the language of the abstract, follow “rajananda”. You might realize that there is nothing to be realized in the end of it all.


3. @DMTripping

Followers - 93.4K 

Why you should follow -We are all victims of social conditioning and it’s up to us to recondition our minds.  Are you one of those nocturnal birds? Well at OUTLAW (that’s what Twitter says his/her name is) you’ll be pleasantly surprised to stumble upon some mind-calming and funny videos and pictures to keep you going through the night.


4. @TheGodLight

Followers - 661K 

Why you should follow- Well looks like this Twitter handle needs no explanation.  The name speaks for itself.  I just noticed- Priyanka Chopra follows this handle

Have you completely forgotten to be grateful to the SUN for keeping you alive and been a complaint box lately? Well embrace some positive vibes into your life by following “Spiritual Truths”.


5. @Rumi_Quote

Followers - 30.5K 

Why you should follow - This account pays homage to the 13th century Persian poet and Sufi mystic. We could all learn a thing or two from Rumi. The general theme in his thoughts focuses on “union with your roots”.  He passionately believed that music and dance was a way to interact with your higher being.


6. @DalaiLama

Followers - 9.67 M

Why you should follow- His Holiness the Dalai Lama just in case it slipped your mind.  His humility, positivity and nobility come across in his tweets. He reminds us that it’s important for us to not kill the childlike simplicity in us at any point of our lives.  He also regularly tweets links to his LIVE talks and discussions that happen throughout the world.


7. @tinybuddha

Followers - 440 K 

Why you should follow- Maybe your hectic work schedule does not permit you to visit Temples, Churches, Mosques etc. But your conversations with the higher power need not depend on idol worship. Tiny Buddha offers simple life hacking tips to increase your productivity and expand your vision in an era where everything is hectic.


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