Twitter overcome with emotion as Happy 75th Birthday AB Sir trends!

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Happy 75th Birthday AB Sir

He has been the longest serving protagonist in Bollywood, but has also been so much more! A mentor, an idol, a role model and then there are terms of admiration and endearment such as Big B, Shahenshah, and Sarkar, it is Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday and Twitter is overcome with emotion as Happy 75th Birthday AB Sir has shot up to the top of trends.

It is hard to not be rendered completely in awe of the man who still makes women go weak in the knees with his charm, the man who is manlier than any man he stands besides, and the warmth in his voice that makes his towering height not be intimidating, but inviting. The man who commands respect not only nationally, but internationally turns 75 today! Bollywood celebrities, cricketers, movie critics, and politicians, have all united under Happy 75th Birthday AB Sir to extend their warm wishes to the great man.

Here’s how John Abraham, Suresh Raina, Chetan Bhagat and even KRK wished the superstar of Bollywood, a happy 75th birthday!

1. Playback singer Armaan Malik

Happy 75th Birthday AB Sir

2. (Eventual-Bollywood-scripts) Writer Chetan BhagatHappy 75th Birthday AB Sir

3. The man with more emotions on his body than his face, John Abraham!Happy 75th Birthday AB Sir

4. Our very own Allah ka banda, Kailash KherHappy 75th Birthday AB Sir

5. Leading lady to men with moustaches, Kajal Aggarwal (Singham, Special 26!)Happy 75th Birthday AB Sir

6. Movie critic *cough* Kamaal R KhanHappy 75th Birthday AB Sir

7. Allahabadi Bro, Mohammad Kaif!Happy 75th Birthday AB Sir

8. A legend from down South.

Happy 75th Birthday AB Sir

9. Not known for his perfect timing, Mr. Shehzad 'passive aggressive' PoonawallaHappy 75th Birthday AB Sir

10. Sudarshan Pattnaik, the man with too much patience and talent.Happy 75th Birthday AB Sir

11. and Suresh Raina.Happy 75th Birthday AB Sir

12. An actual movie critic, Taran Adarsh.Happy 75th Birthday AB Sir

13. Common friend of Modiji and Amitabh Bachchan, Virender Sehwag.Happy 75th Birthday AB Sir

Happy Birthday Big B - you have blessed us with works that make us and the country really proud.

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