8 Twitter Hashtags That Are Really Helpful

Vedant Borkar
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8 Twitter Hashtags That Are Really Helpful

Its no secret that hashtags on twitter are a fun way of engaging and getting exposed to  new and unexplored content on Twitter. Use of relevant hashtags can make your experience fruitful on Twitter. Here are list of hashtags which will help you with your various needs. Do share more such hashtags, if you know of some.

1. #DidYouKnow

If you are a facts junkie you will love this hash-tag. People from all over the micro blogging website use this hash-tag to tweet about interesting and lesser known facts. Even brands make the most of this hash-tag.


2. #HowTo

Best used to learn a life skill or some random cool stuffs on the internet.

3. #History

Best suited for history buffs, this hashtag will give you the best and little known facts of history which your school history textbook might have missed.

4. #Jobs

The name speaks for itself. Make the most out of Twitter in hunting for new jobs. You can use advance search option of Twitter to further filter out according to your needs

5. #Travel

If you are looking out to travel for a holiday or an adventurous trip, this hash-tag will help you connect with other travel junkies and if you are lucky you might stumble upon some really cool discount offers.

6. #DIY

DIY as it stands for Do It Yourself hash-tag will help you with easy to do cool stuff.

7. #Mumbai

You can use hashtags of the city you live in to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings of your locality.

8. #Quoteoftheday

Start your day on Twitter, following this hash-tag to keep yourself up and motivated. You will find people sharing various quotes which might help you in getting charged up.

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