Twitter mourns the passing of Kapil Mohan, creator of Old Monk Rum

Mohammad Kanchwala
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Kapil Mohan

It is difficult for me to process the turbulence that my feelings have been thrown in, and millions acrosss the nation share this heartache with me today. The creator of Old Monk, Brig. Kapil Mohan has passed away and Twitter is grieving.

Old Monk wasn’t just a drink, it was a companion, a friend who no matter who you were, how much money you had, or what watering hole/5 Star you were at, was forever by your side. I remember my days of being a teen on pocket money, barely legal and with no alcoholic tolerance whatsoever, pooling enough money between 3-4 friends to buy one quarter of Old Monk, the spirit of the Gods. I have Brig. Kapil Mohan to thank for those memories.

Whether you’re a college student, blue collar, white collar facing the month end blues or any end of the economic spectrum, if you have ever tasted Old Monk, you have surely created a string of fond memories of drunken dances, called people up to tell them you love them in the middle of the night. Brig. Kapil Mohan gave us the proverbial friend in need that is always one wine shop away!

Twitter users were overcome with grief and sadness as they proceeded to pay tribute to Brig. Kapil Mohan, thanking him for giving us Old Monk, and raising the bottle for one last cheers.

2018 has already begun on an excruciatingly sad note for me. Rest In Peace Brig. Kapil Mohan, you have impacted the lives of millions of people, and were the first drink of many. It shall also be my last! Old Monk is love, Old Monk is life.

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