Twitter reacts: Anupam Kher's Twitter account hacked by Turkish group

Mohammad Kanchwala
New Update
Anupam Kher's Twitter account

The thing with Twitter these days is that you just aren’t prepared to look at what you might end up seeing, and this is not a rare phenomenon because you see strange things on Twitter EVERY DAY. On that subject, Anupam Kher’s Twitter account has been hacked by Turkish hackers.

You see what I mean? Did you ever fathom the possibility of reading the words Anupam Kher and Turkish hackers in one sentence? Of course, you did. So Anupam Kher’s Twitter account has been hacked by some Pro Pakistan hackers from Turkey and they have changed his bio, and have begun to tweet some random looking things.

Random looking to us and most parts of the world because it’s Turkish so that somehow defeats their purpose of hacking a popular account to say what they had to say don’t you think? Never mind that but Twitter, as you may have foreseen has begun to lose its mind after reports of Anupam Kher’s Twitter account being hacked went viral.

Among the many Twitter users expressing disbelief, amusement and anger, there were people who had already begun to make jokes about the incident. Here are some true reports for you to read first,

So now that you know what actually went down, these guys had already let their creativity run wild. Check out some of the funniest reactions to the mildly unfortunate incident.

While it is an unfortunate incident, and we do not support the trolling or ridiculing of any person, Twitter’s notoriety and fame for being lightning quick when it comes to making jokes is certainly impressive.

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