Twitter is always coming up with quirky trends and hashtags and they range from anywhere from funny to promotional to entertaining –or in the most recent case, scary!

Comics and animation writer Gail Simone (@GailSimone) started this buzz yesterday when he asked users to write a terrifying tale in just six words, thus starting the #SixWordHorror trend.

And let’s thank Twitter also for #SixWordHorrorStory trend for giving us so many stories to ponder.

Twitterverse came up with super scary stories in abundance and while some are funny, others really did give us goosebumps. Check them out!

1. But is that a story or reality now?

2. Me everyday, Monday through Friday. Sometimes even weekends.

3. Biggest mistake ever.

4. Ew. Ew. Ew.

5. As if clowns could get any more scarier!

6. Oooh burn!

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7. Students: Do we even have this subject this semester?

8. Seriously, stop.

9. So, they’ll just rip you apart and you won’t even get the cool noises? Scary.

10. Boys, when you hear this. RUN!

11. This is terrifying.

12. Edward Cullen would have been a lot less appealing.

13. Why? Why would you do that to anyone?

14. More like inconsequential these days.


16. The Scariest one 

17. Based on True Events 

18. Have no words left 

19. Not for GOT Fans I guess


Interesting challenge, isn’t it? Share your #SixWordHorror story with us!