Since the Supreme Court ruling against the decriminalization of the LGBT community, the country has been taken up by a storm. Be it on the street or online, people are going the extra mile just to voice their opinion over the injustice. Seen across various platforms, the rainbow flag has taken over the streets, people and even online, where the rainbow flag is used a display picture to show solidarity with the LGBT community.

About the Flag

The rainbow flag has been a symbol for the LGBT community since 1970. Originally used in protests and marches for the community in California, the symbol slowly spread across continents and is now known worldwide. The original 8 stripe flag’s artist George Baker assigned each color with a deeper meaning.

Hot Pink stands for sexuality, Red symbolizes life, Orange for healing, Yellow means sunlight, Turquoise for magic/art, Indigo stands for serenity, and Violet for spirit.

Over the years hot pink and turquoise were gradually removed and today the 6 colored flag is a well known symbol.


On 11th December, the sexual orientation of the LGBT community was declared a criminal offence, when the Supreme Court invoked Section 377, thereby sparking off debates and marches all across the country. People all over the social media networks especially Twitter are using the microblogging site to voice their opinion and show their solidarity against the archaic mindset of the judgment. Use of various hashtags and retweets were always done but this time people have gone a step forward by changing their display picture to the flag to show support.

Many are choosing to inculcate their personal picture along with the flag colors as seen in a few profiles below.

LGBT Community twitter

LGBT Community twitter

An analysis done by Prabhavya Interactive shows the data acquired on Twitter since the day the judgement was given out, statistically arranged and a graphic view of the most mentioned and vocal tweets on the website. The report also gives a review of the impact that #Sec377 had on Twitter with a total of 45,058 tweets streaming within two days. With almost 18,572 individual contributors and 21,178 retweets, the average tweets per contributor are approximately 2.4. This hashtag trended across the country for almost two whole days.

Various influencers like Natasha A. (@Grammar_nazzzi), who has also changed her display picture, are using the power of online petitions to raise numbers to file a review petition with the Apex court.

LGBT Community twitter

We too would like to take a stand against this injustice, and we at Social Samosa have also changed our display picture. We believe that love between two consenting adults cannot be considered a criminal or inhumane act


Do you know of any other uses of social media to support this activism? We would like to feature them and support the cause. Please comment in the section below and let us know.