Honouring the lives and work of two of Bollywood’s shiniest stars who departed for the heavens, the Oscars’ tribute to Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor had Twitter all proud and teary eyed.

It was a sad year for Indian cinema as we faced the loss of not one, but two of the biggest and endeared silver screen icons. The Oscars’ tribute to Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor was a testimony to the unity of people in cinema all over the world.

Rishi Kapoor, nephew of the late Shashi Kapoor was overcome with emotion as he took to Twitter to thank the Academy Awards for honouring the memory of Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor. Also mentioned in his tweet was Hollywood director, and his father’s namesake, Raj Kapoor, who also happens to be the Co-Producer of the Oscars’ broadcast.

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Twitter users were swelled with pride, and had a case of the ‘feels’ as they thanked the Oscars’ and the Academy for the honour and tribute to Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor. Read the Twitter reactions below,

Thank you for the respect and remembering two of our greatest superstars. We appreciate the gesture!