This compilation of the Twitter thread, Brooo Moments is so relatable!

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Brooo Moments

Memes are another way out of your everyday stress and here's a Twitter thread about "Brooo moments" that we all went through.

You know that feeling when you deeply regret something after you have done but it's too late to do anything about it? This Twitter thread is a compilation of moments just like that. A Twitter user, Sahil Patni tweeted "A thread on "Brooo moment" sums up pretty much all of our feelings. It has become common for people on Twitter to go to every extent to show their creativity. Just like any other normal day on Twitter, people flooded the thread by sharing their "Brooo moments."

We're all overwhelmed with work throughout the week and we're always looking for something to give us a good laugh. The picture is a famous meme in itself and people took time to share their personal twists on it. By looking at the creativity that people came up with, you will find them relatable for sure. So scroll through this amazing thread to laugh a bit and find your favorite "Brooo moment".

Check these out:

What was your favourite "Brooo moment" from the thread?

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