Browse through to get to know the top 10 Hollywood heist movies that you should definitely watch according to this thread on Twitter!

Just like the hit of monsoon season is the only relief from the heat waves of the hot and heavy summer season. Same way heist movies are the best adrenaline-pumping cure for boring stuck in a loop of life! And yes with this wave of OTT platforms we have a lot of available content in this genre but there are some old gems that cannot be forgotten. These gems will charge you up just as any energy drink or coffee shots do! With legendary actors and directors like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jack Gyllenhaal, Christopher Nolan, and more, this listicle packs the essence of a heist.

While these films will charge you up definitely but more than that they would make you want to plan your very own heist with your friends in real life! With some magic, crazy robberies, badass driving, and mind-bending con jobs, each one of these films will hook you to them till the mysterious con job is complete. While in a hoard of films available, a Twitter user @First_alphas aka Timeless Praise has gone through the effort of creating the list of top 10 best heist movies for your leisure. Scroll down to check out the entire list!

Which one is your favorite or Is your favorite movie even in there? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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