Reporter gets into a soup on Twitter for old rants about current boss. Gets trolled and abused to no end for tweets written years ago.

Social media is an unforgiving space, especially if you have ever ranted out about your former/current/prospective employers, mentioning them with their name, explicitly. Nalini Sharma, a reporter with the Republic TV found herself on the bitter end of a Twitter trial because of her old tweets about Arnab Goswami, the present editor-in-chief of Republic TV, also her present boss.

Screenshots of various tweets presumed to have been written by her are doing rounds on Twitter, trolling Sharma to no end. Some of them are regarding her personal experiences and others about her political views. The major part of the trolling is, however, reserved for her tweets about Goswami.

While we couldn’t trace all tweets, especially the ones laden with expletives, ones critical of Goswami were found to be real. It is likely that they have either been deleted or are completely fake.

But why is the Twitterverse suddenly interested in Sharma? The answer lies in the development that happened at the Aligarh Muslim University earlier in the day where a fracas took place between the team of Republic TV and students. It has reportedly led to a case of Sedition being filed against 14 students.