Twitterati does not spare the struggles of Delhi smog

Mohammad Kanchwala
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Delhi smog

At this point, forget things looking better because Delhiites are neither being able to look, nor will they be able to heave a sigh of relief because then they would probably choke. The Delhi smog is back and it is a real cause for concern.

Well, none of the Government’s or Supreme Court’s efforts seem to have paid off as the national capital continues to be suffer from pollution with the Chief Minister of Delhi himself describing it as a Gas chamber. This shows how serious things are, and “the Indian Medical Association (IMA) also issued a stern warning on potential health hazards, describing Delhi as a “public health emergency state” and asking authorities to shut schools as a precautionary measure.” reports The Hindustan Times. Even during such times, Twitter users found the time and the possibility of some more jokes about Delhi smog!

We do not condone these humorous jabs at such a serious issue, but the Delhi smog coupled with some of harmless stereotypes that Delhi is synonymous with, do make up for some chuckleworthy moments. Check out these Twitter users indulging in some dark humour at the expense of the Delhi smog.

1. Personal favourite!

2. Everyone in Delhi is smoking. 

3. What smoke, even breathing is akin to smoking. 

Delhi smog

4. Thank God Mumbai rains are gone

5. hahahahaha

6. The world's biggest Hookah parlour

7. Waise bhi cigarette mehenga ho gaya hai

Delhi smog

8. Tiger Delhi me zyada time zinda nahi rahega

9. #Goals ?

10. AAP ko kya problem hai bhai? Galti toh Modiji ki hai

11. What is an Ittefaq?

12. You mean college ki KT?

13. Quite possible

Delhi smog

While this is a very serious and alarming situation, we have to admit these guys clearly need to stop being funny!



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