It’s almost the end of the year and while everybody is waiting for this crazy year to be over, Twitter asked to Roast 2020, this troublesome of a year. 

Twitter asked to roast 2020 as one of its year-end activities and the Twitterati are having a blast with it. Every year-end Twitter comes up with these fun year-end activities to engage with the netizens around. And with it say a fun farewell to the year and welcome the New Year with enthusiasm. 

These activities give people a chance to look back on the year and reflect as well as it makes the farewell fun as well. Moreover, this year being tough on everybody, people desperately want this year to be gone away soon. And in addition, since this year was so eventful with horrible things that it deserves a roast in itself. So, Twitter with its year-end activities took it upon itself to give people a chance to take it all out. Whatever they probably have been keeping inside in relation to this year. And with all might, people jumped to take part in the roasting of the year 2020. 

Take a look here for some of the roasts

The roast became so popular that it became a trend and even the big brands started to chime in. What better way to say goodbye to 2020? Take out all the “bhadas” you have for 2020 on Twitter. And leave 2020 and everything that happened in it behind. While getting ready to welcome the New Year with open arms. Hoping that 2021 will be better than the year 2020. And that everything will try to get back to the previous normal instead of this new normal. Because this new normal with all its good part also is not as worth as the previous one.

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