This Twitter User's Tragically Hilarious Tweets About A Heartbroken Aasshiiqq Will Make You Want To Follow Him Stat!

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twitter' favourite aasshiiqq

We all know and believe that fallen heroes must be avenged. And someone's actually doing something about it. It's time or you to meet Twitter's Favourite Aasshiqq. This Twitter user and his Tweets might make you want to cry on the inside with your memories. But mostly, they will leave you laughing on the outside!

The world has seen many kinds of lovers since the beginning of time. Some conquered all (literal) battles to win their love, some sacrificed all worldly pleasured to be with the love of their lives. We've read many stories about the Romeos, the Ranjhas, the Shah Jahans, and the Fitzwilliam Darcys (let's not forget the Rajs, Rahuls, Prems, and Amars) in literature and in real life too. But we bet you've never come across a lover quite as heartbroken and as tragically hilarious as the one you are about to witness!

Yes folks, as they say, "Someone's heartache is someone else's entertainment". Okay, so no one really says that but you will agree with us after you've read through some of the saddest, insanely on-point and funny confessions and experiences of this modern-day Aashiq. So, it was in February 2019 that a netizen created a Twitter account with the username 'Aasshiiqq'. The profile picture for which is an aptly chosen one as it features another iconic Aashiq known to Bollywood fans - Rahul Roy. But this user isn't selfish, no, in fact, they understand the pain the fellow members of their Aasshiqq community go through and have perfectly captured the essence of their account through the cover photo. "What does it feature", you ask? Well good folks and fans of the MCU, it is none other than our good old' good old Bollywood Aashiqs with the Avengers tagline - 'Avenge The Fallen' written across the photo. We told you it was a perfect fit, didn't we?

We're sure you're just as intrigued as we were and will be just as amused once you read their Tweets. We're not even going to ask you to follow them because you already know you want to.

Here you go:

So, are you laughing on the outside or cringing on the inside?

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