Twitter’s #threewordlovestories is all the comfort you need in the pouring rains!

Mansi Mirani
Jul 09, 2019 09:30 IST

Amidst all the Union Budget, and World Cup frenzy, everyone needs a breather. Be it through memes, movies, or the ‘swag aunty’; or the one stop shop for all these –Twitter! And this time around, we stumbled upon the adorable #threewordlovestories chain.

As the name suggests, the #threewordlovestories basically asks you to describe your definition of of love/comfort in three words. It got famous after Very British Problems tweeted a series of it and people caught up to it. Well, ‘Want to read?’

1. Yes please.

2. These are angels sent from heaven.

3. This is the most English you could possibly get.

— Taylor MotherF*ckingChristian Scott (@loveyou_3k) July 2, 2019

4. That’s just a fancier way of saying ‘I don’t care anymore’; it ‘s kinda peaceful honestly.

— Sharkey (@Rich_A_Sharkey) July 1, 2019


5. All perfect things for a comfy monsoon!

— Helen Carvalho (@HelenMeadows) July 1, 2019

6. The best plans turn out to be the ones where you were dragged to go!

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7. I think I like ‘on the house’ best for obvious reasons.

8. Them: What’s your perfect date? Me:

9. Why do I feel like this guy works in corporate and wears suits to office?

The holiday's booked!

We're flying business!

Free champagne anyone?

Complimentary massage sir?

It's all free!

No children allowed

— Dani Pret (@Danipret) July 7, 2019

10. Translation: No new stress.

— Yvonne Walton (@SaltWalton) July 1, 2019

11. Guys have NO idea how girls keep thinking and smiling about simple sentences they said casually.

12. Gin and tonic in a nice hot bath sounds lovely!

‘The plan’s cancelled’ –that’s my #threewordlovestory. What’s yours?

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