Tyler Oakley has decided to take an indefinite break from YouTube after 13 years of entertaining his viewers. His recent Youtube video was all about his decision of taking a break from the channel and his fans all over the world responded to his video.

The popular YouTube star has more than 7 million subscribers on YouTube. His latest video was completely unexpected as Tyler Oakley has decided not to put out videos for a while. In his video, he is seen talking about how he has been consistently uploading content on his channel every Tuesday. He started his channel when he was in college at the age of 18 and now at 31, he wants to take a break and work on things he always wanted to.

Oakley’s channel is a mix of LGBTQ+ content, Q&A interviews, challenges, and fun collaborations with other YouTube personalities. Tyler confirmed he will never leave YouTube and will come back when he feels ready to do so.

Check out the video shared by Tyler Oakley:

His fans have been very supportive with his decision of taking a break and want him to come back when he feels ready.

Check out how his fans reacted:

YouTube – Tyler Oakley

Here’s hoping, Tyler achieves everything he wants to during this hiatus and comes back for his fans with some interesting content.

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