7 Types of Foursqaure Users You Can Never Avoid

Vedant Borkar
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7 Types of Foursqaure Users You Can Never Avoid

The past few weeks have been very evolving for Foursquare owing to their new interface, change in logo and introduction  of Swarm. Over next couple of months, it will be interesting to see how fans react to the new Foursquare. Nevertheless, Foursquare is a great social networking platform for users who like to share with the world, the destinations they visit.

With so many features available it’s a fun experience considering most of its users stay engaged with the platform. However over the course of time using Foursquare, I stumbled upon users who have shown similar behaviour patterns. Here are such types of users you may find on Foursquare.

The Mayor

No one would have bragged so much about his mayorship as much as some people on foursquare are desperate to be mayor of places. They frequently check in only to brag about it later on their social media networks

Checks in everywhere

They actually sometimes make me believe that they don’t visit places for purpose of work, rather to just check in on their Foursquare accounts. Every single place they move to, they have to check in. This habit is pretty annoying. Their friends by default has to bear with their hyper activity on foursquare

Checks at home

Only person in the world who can check in to his house is Hugh Hefner because its playboy mansion and its cool. Checking in to Shantiniketan, 3rd floor has never made any one look cool on Foursquare. In fact checking in to houses attract attention of stalkers (6th type of users in our list). Everyone on Foursquare would love to hear about cool vacation places you visit or places you go out to eat, but definitely they won’t be bothered about when you go home.

Here is what some users have to say about people who checks in at home

Airport loyalists

According to their Foursquare accounts, the only place in life they have ever been to are airports around the country or the world. These check-ins are merely a subtle way of showing off which isn’t that bad, but surely people on their list would love to know about other places they have visited rather than seeing just the airports updates. 

Discount Hunters

Today brands use multiple platforms to promote their products online, Foursquare too. One such methods is to offer discounts to walk in customers who checkin to the store via Foursquare. Discount hunters are the types that will hunt such places offering discounts like zombies hunt for human flesh.

The Stalker

On any day, these folks can easily clear the mandatory requirement needed to be part of CIA. What better entertainment than watch people check-in to different places and keep tab on completely random things which are none of their business. They might perhaps be in a better position to tell where your last check in was in case you forget.

Awkward Check-ins

They can take the awkwardness level on Foursquare from 0 to infinity via their check-ins. Hospitals, police station and crematoriums are seriously not the place to check-in.

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