To the most versatile breakfast dishes of all times, we have made a list of different types of toast that people love and enjoy. Let’s appreciate this beautiful and palatable dish.

Don’t know if it this quarantine or the love for bread, but the thought of the perfectly crispy toast has engulfed us. Toast is a magical dish that can make and break our mood at any time. Imagine getting up in the morning all moody and grumpy, but when you get that perfectly toasted bread with egg and coffee or chai everything just seems alright. Everyone has their own way of having a toast and it is all fine because there is no wrong way when it comes to toasting. Even the simplest toast satiates your stomach with joy and happiness. Today, we have made a list of various types of toast that people love.

Here’s what your type of toast may look like:

The classic toast
That right amount of crispiness with some (or a lot of) butter on the top

The french toast
Dipping bread in egg and milk, frying on a pan until crisp. The toast that brought out the Masterchef in all of us. Topping it with syrup will take it to the next level.

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The cheese toast
Things just got exciting! Buttering the bread on both sides and placing your favourite cheese in between is the most sensational thing you can have in your breakfast (or any time of the day to be specific)

The Instagram toast
These toast not only taste good they also look good. Experimenting with the topping the toast game just went a notch higher.

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