9 Types Of Snapchatters We Come Across Everyday

Siddharth Das
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9 Types Of Snapchatters We Come Across Everyday

1 - The One Who Won’t Stop Sending Random Selfies

This Snapchatter is equivalent to the chronic Good Morning/GoodNight wisher on Whatsapp. So be sure to receive these selfies throughout the day wishing you a good afternoon and later a good night selfie.


2 - The Pet Snapper

The Pet Snapper or rather the zoo-keeper as I like to call them will document everything about their kitty’s and pup’s life. Selfies with captions go along the lines of “Kitty don't feel like bath time”, “Mrs. Toodles sits if it fits”, “Fluffy doesn’t let me work”


3 - The One Who Goes All Picasso On All Their Snapsterpiece

This is the user with way too much time on their hands. They let their creative side takeover and keep sending you snaps of everything with additional paint jobs that certainly make you chuckle. A good way to vent out all the pent up grudge you have for your professor by making him look like a post-modern Hitler.



4 - The 120 Seconds Story Teller

The story-teller is the absolute worst of the lot. Sometimes the story updates go up to 500 seconds. Like seriously calm down! We get it. You’d probably document every action of your day if GoPro allowed you to Snapchat. That’ll probably be the moment all your friends banish you online.



5 - The One Who Makes You Feel Jealous

This is the rich kid/party rocker on your friend list. He/She will not only send you snaps of them having a good time but also update their stories with the same series of snaps, in case someone missed out on an episode of their luxurious life.


6 - The Healthy Snapper

This is the brunchaholic and the fitness freak who will Snapchat you his salad and gluten free food. We don’t care. Honestly we don’t care. Unless it’s something related to cheese burst pizzas, BBQ ribs and huge burgers.


7 - The One Who Keeps Sending You Pictures Of Unaware Strangers With Funny Captions

These snaps are by far the most hilarious and candid of the entire lot. Snapping unaware & sleepy passengers on local transport and also your unproductive co-workers with funny captions surely turn out to be hilarious.


8 - The Explicit Snapper

What was the purpose of Snapchat?  To snap revealing & scantily clad pictures of yourself, which would disappear after the allotted time. This is the person who fulfills that original purpose of Snapchat by sending their 3 second peek-a-boo picture to tease. Everything goes smoothly until you screenshot the Snap.


9 - The One who Screenshots All Your Snaps

If users on Snapchat do this, you probably have some trust issues by now, don't you? You trusted that person not to screenshot your explicit snap, but he went ahead and did it anyways. Well, guess what the whole neighborhood probably got a look at that Snap by now.



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