Influencer and stylist, Udita Mangla explains how she decides to promote products on her page

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Creators are always looked up for recommendations, and influencer Udita Mangla considers a lot before promoting products. Check out what she has to share.

We're a generation looking for relevance and end up choosing to follow the bandwagon. While some of it still stands, we have become more considerate of what suits us. Looking for the fashion we love, the food we love to eat and the aesthetics that most resonate with us, we have started to follow people online who appeal to us the most. That's the reason why influencers or the 'creator community' has become our safe haven for a lot of things. They are our source to know about every new trend that exists in the world today. And as consumers of their content, we usually take their word for it. Stylist and influencer Udita Mangla is also a part of this group that people consider resourceful. She has her own set of ingenious ideals that she follows when associating herself with a brand to promote the same on her page that her audience would find valuable.

A beauty and fashion influencer, Udita is looked upon for her comfy, vogue, classy and upbeat fashion. She has her audience engaged with her trendy videos and style that would make anyone feel like the main character. While people often visit her page to get tips to style an outfit, they also look for the recommendations she has to offer when it comes to buying products that one may need. When asked if she thinks that her audience comes back to her page for suggestions of any sort, she said, "Yes, they do if the content posted by me is adding value or if they see something that helps them or shows them a place to shop from a nice cafe or an alternative more budget-friendly option."

As an influencer, a lot is expected from them. There is a lot that they themselves have to consider when associating themselves with a brand or a product. But how does one decide what to promote on their page that would impact one's buying behaviour?

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We asked Udita about the same and here's what she had to share!

How often do people ask for your advice on the products they can use?

Since my niche is fashion and beauty quite often my audience ends up asking for my opinion if they are buying something, especially if it is a little in the expensive category or a new brand launched! Even if it’s a brand they are unfamiliar with they reach out to ask for advice especially when I’ve collaborated with the brand.

Do you think influencers have become a source for people to purchase or switch to a new product or brand?

Absolutely, without a doubt. Most creators like to use a product for weeks or months before recommending it. It helps build trust with the audience. At times when I am confused with a particular product, I like to ask my creator friends before buying it! Nowadays audiences are more connected with the creators as we provide day-to-day content and have daily interactions with them. Creating a certain sense of belonging and a community hence the audience relies on us to be authentic and more transparent and there’s a certain expectation of promoting brands we ourselves use.

What are the factors you consider when promoting a product on your page?

Multiple factors cross my mind before considering promoting a product. The first and basic one is the brand’s identity in the market and if my skin type goes along with it. As I said about my skin type, I use each and every product before promoting it on my page. If I like the product I personally go and shop for it when it gets over. To conclude this, I also consider a few parameters of my audience. This goes around the age group if many of my followers are teenagers they will look for affordable products on my page rather than luxury ones. So I consider a few factors like this before collaborating with a brand!

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