Friday Streaming - Uncoupled on Netflix will feel like your story if you're newly single and don't know how to mingle

Shachi Lavingia
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If you've been dumped out of the blue, Uncoupled on Netflix will feel like 'getting your side locks waxed' kinda painful.

Created by Jeffrey Richman and Darren Star, this feel-good series about a gay man's mid-life dating crisis is more relatable than we'd like. Reliving traumatic breakups that you didn't see coming, questioning everything you've shared together, and wondering what you did that drove them away, ugh; Uncoupled was hilarious and sweet but it was so hard to not get triggered!

Cast - Neil Patrick Harris plays Michael, a 40-something real estate agent who isn't able to move past this breakup and it's safe to say that he doesn't take it well. Tisha Campbell is terribly underutilized as Suzanne, his support system and colleague who tells it like it is. We love Brooks Ashmanskas as Stanley, Michael's friend who isn't afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. Emerson Brooks plays Billy, who reminds you of Samantha from Sex and the City without the sass or the personality. Tuc Watkins plays Colin, the ever-so-dreamy ex-boyfriend who we don't see enough of.

Storyline - After 17 years of being in a committed relationship, Michael is still deeply in love and planning his boyfriend, Colin's 50th surprise birthday party, when out of nowhere, he finds himself at the receiving end of, "the house isn't robbed, I moved out my stuff". And he has to sit through an entire party that he has thrown without any explanation of this very planned breakup. Newly single and not willing to move on, this real estate agent struggles with coming to terms with this breakup. What helps though? Listening to his brand new client vent about her very similar betrayal.

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What I liked - This light-hearted series leaves the broken-hearted feeling understood without really introspecting on the part they played in the breakup. Neil Patrick Harris lights up every show that he's a part of and Uncoupled is no different. The various stages of a breakup are depicted rather well in this series, making it the perfect 'drowning my sorrows in ice cream and Netflix' kinda watch.

What I didn't quite like - This 8 episode series resembles Sex and the City in a not-so-enjoyable way. Unlike SATC, Uncoupled doesn't give anyone except Michael a decent character arc or a story of their own. Suzanne, Stanley, and Billy deserved fleshed-out backstories instead of just existing as Michael's support system. The longer the relationship, the harder the breakup feels sometimes. Sadly, this series doesn't explore the real, vulnerable bits of a jilted lover seeking answers to the 'why'.

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