Correct us if we are wrong but at one point we all wanted to be next to our favorite celebs hands in hands sipping martinis, Unseen Friend is living all our dreams well at least virtually.

What all Bollywood stars have in common is their unseen friend, from gymming with Kareena Kapoor Khan to rehearsing lines with Shahid Kapoor, he is always spotted with them. You may have missed him but don’t worry we are all ready to dish!

An Instagram account @unseenfriend has been photoshopping his face next to celebrities and claims himself to be just an ordinary guy who is Bollywood’s Favorite Friend. I post pictures which my celebrity friends and the media won’t show you.

We can’t lie some of these are just hilarious and will make you look twice :

  1. Bye Bye Taimur

2. Wish we were invited too

3. #Selfieoftheyear just wasn’t the same without him

4. A party we wish we attended

5. Winner of 10 year challenge

6. Now we have two of them

7. How much we loved him in Sacred Games 

8. The IT Squad

9. Bhai Bhai Bhai

10. New Bollywood Trio? Poor Ayan Mukerji

Kendall might have @KirbyJenner but thanks to @unseenfriend our Bollywood stars are not lonely either!