Have you ever looked at an image that made you feel so uncomfortable that you ended up being agitated? Confused? Amused? Creeped out at times? No? Well prepare yourself for some Unusual Images on social media!

Practice your WTF face because you are going to be using that until you finish reading this article and that is a pakka promise. From Croc cannibalism to a Pool table and Golf crossover, we have some of the most strange and ‘How’,‘Why’ and ‘What’ deserving unusual images for you.

Don’t believe us? Well we warned you.

1.  Van Diesel.

2. Oh!

3. Tell me what’s wrong with this picture.

4. HitchBiking

5. Checkmate.

6. When Jesus scores!

7. When you’re high as F but you try to play it cool

8. *screams internally*

9. Task failed successfully!

10. The harvest was bountiful this season.

11. Somebody has to die for this!

12. Cannibalism :O

13. WHAT.

14. Acceptable.

15. When you cheat your way through architecture school 

  1. We do hope these images made you really really uncomfortable! Do let us know your favourite and share some Unusual Images with us at team@socialsamosa.com.