Far away from a typical college drama, ALTBalaji, who is dropping back-to-back bombs with its web-series announcements reveals the trailer and poster of its upcoming web series F…U, OK?

The trailer is just as interesting and eye-catching as the name and features four college kids with a weirdly unique idea for their start-up. Featuring Pooja Kiran as Tanya, Mehak Mehra as Lux, Krishna Sharma as Bunny, and Keshav Uppal as Diesel, the web-series showcases stories based on true events.

In today’s world where almost every college student dreams of running a start-up, the upcoming web series, F…U, OK? revolves around four college students who decide to start a midnight contraceptive service. Based on the experiences of these four friends – Diesel who has the looks to kill but no brain and a failure in love, Bunny the sensible, calm and sorted in the group who recently realized that he was in a one-sided relationship.  On the other hand, Lux, the over-thinker who has everything but love and Tanya, the brain of the group, filled with ideas. While Bunny and Diesel might fight over who is the leader of the pack, Tanya proves every time that she is the leader. Though all four have their own unique personalities, they are connected by one single idea of a start-up.

Speaking on the show, actor Keshav Uppal said, “I am excited to be associated with ALTBalaji for this unique show. There is no dearth of shows based on college drama, romance, and whatnot. In this show, viewers will witness a never-seen-before story. I play the character of Diesel who wants to prove that he has more than the looks, which defines him. The show has a unique concept and I am really looking forward to it.” 

Despite the risqué subject, the series explores the elements of modern love and stories of all sorts of couples. Written and directed by Kamayani Vyas and Nikhil Vyas, ALTBalaji’s  ‘F… U, OK?’ is a show based on true events, where four college kids decide to start a midnight contraception delivery service. While the upcoming web series, F…U, OK? deals with a unique concept, it will focus on love, life, and relationships, thereby talking about safe sex and contraception.