Urmila Lawekar aka Lali is enchanting followers with her laughter and fun content

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Urmila Lawekar

Take a look at today's creator on our Friday Follow and get to know who Urmila Lawekar aka Lali is.

Content creation has been on a high since the world went under lockdown. All the extra time in hand encouraged people to learn new skills while also sharing some online. This increased number of creators has only contributed to everyone else having more options to entertain themselves. Among all these baby creators the one who caught our eyes and created her own name in a short period of time is Urmila Lawekar aka Lali.

No matter how easy content creation may look like, one thing that a person actually needs is the confidence to be themselves and start sharing their ideas online. Urmila is someone who started her own YouTube channel last year in 2021 and became part of the creator community. Before she began her own content creation journey, Urmila has been working along with creator and YouTuber, Mythpat. She always wanted to test and try new content ideas on his channel but since he's a gamer she had less luck with that. But her appearance in one of his videos encouraged her to venture into the YouTube space. This led to her starting her own channel 'Lali' hoping to try putting up the kind of content she wanted to. She now has more than 4 lakh subscribers and is growing with each content that she shares online.

When asked how she would describe her channel, Urmila said, "Lali is a YouTube channel where you will see me laughing most of the time and having fun, creating random content because that's how I am. The reason why I started this channel was just to have fun and enjoy. I like having fun in whatever I do, though it is a part-time thing."

Within the time of her starting her own channel, Urmila has experimented and tried putting different content. Her casual and fun content is what makes her channel more appealing to people wanting to chill and enjoy their time on YouTube. "I consume a lot of tv and digital content before creating a video and while watching it, I figure out how I can use it to make my audience laugh and how I can do something unique with it. I like to keep my channel and content very casual."

And among all the videos that she has created so far, it may be hard to pick a favorite. But the ‘blindfold Oreo challenge’ along with Mythpat somehow makes it to her favorites. "The topic was random and the shoot was fun. There was food involved, so it was even better. Because we didn't know what we were going to club with oreo and eat, the idea was really raw and fun for both of us."

And like every other creator, she knows that being on social media and creating content has its own best and worst qualities. She has been able to differentiate between the two and understand the same. She says, "The best part is to actually make a video with your thoughts, then to see what it looks like and if tomorrow I want to go into something further, I can just do it. One of the worst parts is that it can get really tiring and you always have to put on a good face on camera no matter what is going on in your personal life. You have to look good and smile."

Her partnership with Mythpat is appreciated by her followers and fans. She has been working along with the creator for 3 years now and it has helped her in her own creator journey too. Their friendship makes their content extra special too. When asked who inspires her in this journey she didn't hesitate to mention Mythpat. "Following his path, if I try to do even half of what he does I am sure I will be able to achieve great heights in no time. He inspires me to do a lot of stuff and my biggest inspiration is to work hard and be motivated all the time."

She also keeps a tab on creators from around the world and follows their work while finding inspiration from them. She hopes to collaborate and create ideas with creators like Aashna Hegde and Pierson.

How do you try to set your content different from the rest?

"The purpose of starting a YouTube channel was to have fun. So it’s not my goal to be better than others or compete with anyone. I just want to keep things simply fun and nothing else. I just want my audience to enjoy my content. Lastly, I just want to create content for any and everyone. No age or other barriers."

Lastly, what message would you like to share with young creators who want to make it big in content creation?

"For young creators, I would suggest not expecting too much too soon and not doing it just for the money and the fame. Be sure you enjoy what you do. Soon you will notice a difference between where you started and where you are now. A big secret is to keep working every single day, have fun, and keep exploring and experimenting with content. Don't stress, just enjoy what you're doing and do what you love. If you're starting with viral content, do that first, then the thing you're really passionate about. Just enjoy the process and things will work out one day."

Do check out her YouTube channel Lali for more fun content.

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