#MemeDictionary: Use 'Bump' the right way to bump your meme love

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Word of the day from the #MemeDictionary is 'Bump' and so here's how you can use it the right way.

Ah, memes. The internet seems so incomplete without them now and let’s be very honest, almost everything we see and come across either reminds us of one or makes us think of making it into one. Memes come in all forms and contexts - right from an expression to a statement to a song, you name it and the internet goes right ahead to meme it. It is as though memes bump our mood and spirits too!

Indian Memers League is all about celebrating memes and memers. Not everyone has the potential to turn something as basic as a stare into meme-worthy content. But we all want to do that, we all want to be able to turn things around into a meme because they are the funniest things on the internet now. We have come up with a meme dictionary to help you learn, speak and understand the wonderful language of memes.

The word of the day is, “BUMP”!


Did you know it means Bring Up My Post? So the next time you think of BUMP, it may not necessarily mean the baby bump you are imagining it to be but just the fact that you need your post up there instead. So feel free to use the word bump around and if you have fellow memers around you, they will know exactly what you are talking about, while you can allow others to wonder what bump even is? 

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