Lol ! Valentine's Day is here! Joke is on everyone

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Valentine's Day memes

OHH!! So its Valentine’s week,a special time in the life’s of couple to express their love for each other and as if they don't do it every other day of the year and for those who don't have a Valentine its a reminder of how single you are!

Here are some hilarious memes that will express how you feel about this Valentines!

That dreadful day is here! Yes its Valentines Day today, so if you are single by choice or otherwise, don't take stress because what is better than watching your favourite show with a bowl of popcorn in hand and relaxing like a boss.

It is definitely a happy day for all the couples and we don't deny them from celebrating or but we just don't understand the concept of celebrating an entire week of days like kiss,hug chocolate,rose and promise etc isn’t it annoying ?

Anyway we have compiled some bunch of memes and jokes on Valentine which are all over the internet. So sit back and relax!

Yes that happens !!

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Yup that's the plan !

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me too Harry, me too

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Ouch that hurts !!

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Got milk? #singleawarenessday #sad #valentinesday

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Yes that does seem complicated !!


That's Weird !

We hope that you enjoyed all these Anti- Valentine memes and jokes. Tell us what are your Valentine plans this year? Comment down below. Mine includes Netflix, Hotstar and Prime Video.

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