Shikha Rastogi's Valentine's Day look series will surely help you glam up this love season

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Shikha Rastogi's Valentine's Day look series will surely help you glam up this love season

Struggling to decide on what to wear on dates? Shikha Rastogi's Valentine's day look series has you covered.

Valentine's week is already here and though we all love receiving chocolates, flowers and gifts, nothing can be compared to the joy we get while dressing up. It's the season to dress up and we can't find any reason to avoid that. Valentine's Day celebration can be different for many of us depending on our aesthetic and personal preferences. Some like to go on romantic dinner dates which call for a bolder look while some of us might like going to a local library and enjoy reading while enjoying a coffee with their loved one by their side. Romance is a very subjective term and might mean something different for different people. Trying to find an aesthetic look according to your date can be tough but creators on social media are trying their best to help you decide that perfect Valentine's Day look.

With that in mind, fashion content creator, Shikha Rastogi came up with a series that we needed at this time. We all want to dress up well this week and of course some Valentine's look ideas can help. From trying ethnic wear to dressing up boldly, Shikha has covered everything in her 7 episode Reel series. We can say that there is something for everyone here. If you too are struggling to decide on what to wear, then it's the series that you should be checking out right now.

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Here are some episodes that she has released!

Single girls too can take some inspo and dress up confidently for themselves this valentine's.

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