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Valentine's Day

The Plus Girl, Sushant Ghadge, and The Grasshoppers talk to us about whether or not they feel the Valentine's Day pressure!

Whether you're a hopeless romantic or not, Valentine's Day sometimes feels a tad forced with brands hellbent on selling things to you in the name of love with elaborate offers and mushy captions. And watching social media blow up with promises of love brings up a lot of pressure to gift, say the right things, and showcase your love on social media with long captions about how beautiful and meaningful your relationship really is.

We spoke to Anindita Roy, Sushant Ghadge, and The Grasshoppers about the importance of Valentine's Day to them, and how they like to spend the day, and here's what they have to say!

Do you feel this pressure? Do you give into it?

Anindita hardly ever celebrates Valentine's Day even though she might have been in a relationship earlier. She mentions, "Sometimes it does make me sad. But no, I don't feel pressured at all. I haven't even given into it when I was in a relationship. Of course, a day dedicated to love makes it special but I don't think you have to dedicatedly celebrate it. To each to his own. However, I feel if I ever want to celebrate I will do it. But I won't do it because I need to show off on social media." For Sushant, being in love with someone is very personal. He said, "I try to make the day as intimate and romantic as possible without feeling the pressure to make some grand gesture or show our love off on social media." While The Grasshoppers said, "All of us felt the pressure at a point when we were younger, didn’t we? But now, it doesn’t matter. Why allot a day to express yourself? Or to make someone feel special? You can do that any day, anytime!"

How important is Valentine's Day for you?

For Anindita, it's good to celebrate love. "But it has never been that important for me at least. Once my friends and I were partying on Valentine's Day, celebrating our love for each other. You don't necessarily celebrate it with your partner. It can be celebrated with anyone you love." Sushant, on the other hand, mentions, "I think it's best to spend time with your partner and do whatever makes them happy." The Grasshoppers find it important only if there are great happy hour offers on the day! They mention, "It's a social thing which everyone wants to showcase to the community. If you really want to celebrate and be happy then that could be on any day. Yes, it's marked as a trademark but that doesn’t mean everyone should indulge in it. It’s by choice and not under peer pressure."

And how would you spend it instead?

This time, Anindita is going out to source products for her venture. "I have a shoot lined up for my collab that I have to finish. If I was free, I would have watched a nice rom-com with some good food and a cold coffee." Sushant believes that when you're in love with someone, every day feels like Valentine's Day because you want to make your partner feel special and loved every day of the year. "But Valentine's Day is important because it's the day you put in the effort to show your love to your partner and celebrate your relationship. We both love celebrations a lot and are hopeless romantics so we try to spend time with each other, watching romcoms, listening to music and whatever we feel like at the time. Both of us love 'Premam' and we like to watch it together because we get to spend time with each other this way." The Grasshoppers want to spend it like how they spend the other days. "We want to do nothing special. Instead, it’s better to feed the needy or spend on self rather than spending on expensive gifts that don't have any long-term value. These are our views. Community views could be different which we totally respect."

How important is Valentine's Day for you? Do you feel the pressure to celebrate? Tell us in the comments below.

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