These vegetables accounts on social media will crack you up

Karthika Raveendran
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These vegetables accounts on social media will crack you up

Once upon a time, groceries were about dingy looking kirana shops. But now it’s a glamour world online. The young have embraced this new culture of doorstep shopping and an array of choices like never beforE.

At Social Samosa, we believe in poking fun. So we have exclusively spun comic creatives that showcase grocery items, taken for granted. Beginning with our favourite platform.



If onions had Facebook accounts, we would call them Mister Purple.

Mister Purple FB FB Wall


Dry fruits would definitely be on this witty platform – brain food, remember?

dry fruit

Tweet 1 Tweet 2



Sugar would be wildly popular and self-obsessed. No doubt.



Rice would be networking on a grand scale, considering its versatile experience.

Linkedin Profile Linkedin Education Linkedin Summary linkedin education


Potato would be obsessing over fitness and drooling over junk food, apart from being a movie buff and pseudo wordsworth.


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